Our Operations team have been managing the daily activites of around 20 associations for many years. Along the way, we've learned more than a thing or two about how to effectively manage an association, and how to utilize technology to make your association as efficient as possible. We've tried and tested it all! Our blog is designed to share the knowledge we've gained, so please read, comment and share.

Dash Launches First Bilingual French and English Association Website

We are thrilled to announce the launch of our first bilingual website, www.caaa.ca! The Dash team in Vancouver worked closely with the Canadian Academic Accounting Association (CAAA) in Toronto over the past few months to develop their English and French website. As a major national non-profit association, it was essential that they provide a professional bilingual environment for members.  User...more

Enhance Your Efficiency with an Interactive Member FAQ Page

Handling Member Queries The way you handle member queries can often depend on the size of your staff – a small team may need to let queries go to voicemail or an inbox, whereas a larger team can provide live phone support. Each scenario has its downfalls. In the first, while your staff will have the freedom to prioritize queries, you may find your inbox overflowing – and members becoming frustra...more
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